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Turn your everyday e-mail communications into an extension of your brand!


What is e-Branding?

Now you can make everyday business emails an interactive branding and marketing channel. This means that branding and marketing information is inherent to all of your company’s outgoing email and should not get lost in the clutter of unsolicited spam and emailers flooding in boxes on a daily basis.

By using e-mail as a branding platform rather than just a communication platform, your company can control its brand and will have a cost-effective, yet personal way to engage with, and stay relevant to your market.

The Advantages of e-Branding

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Brand recognition: Branded email creates a consistent brand image across all communication channels, which helps to increase brand recognition and awareness.

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Professionalism: Corporate email branding enhances the professional image of the organization and helps to build trust with customers and stakeholders.

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Credibility: Branded email addresses are seen as more credible and trustworthy than generic email addresses, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

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Marketing: Branded email signatures can be used to promote products or services, events, or social media channels, providing an additional marketing opportunity.

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Differentiation: A unique email domain, such as, sets the organization apart from competitors and helps to differentiate the brand.

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Security: Branded email addresses can also help to improve email security by reducing the likelihood of phishing attacks and other email scams.


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Mail branding improves brand recognition, enhances professionalism and credibility, provides marketing opportunities, helps to differentiate the brand, and enhances email security.


Build a strong brand image and reputation

Create a consistent and professional image of the organization, build trust with customers, and differentiate the brand from competitors. Branded email addresses are seen as more credible and trustworthy, while branded email signatures can also be used for marketing purposes. Additionally, email branding can help to enhance email security by reducing the likelihood of phishing attacks and other email scams. Overall, email branding is a valuable tool for building a strong brand image and reputation.

With e-Branding you can.

  • Deliver targeted marketing messages based on recipient profiles.

  • Run multiple campaigns for different departments or promotions through everyday email by segmenting sender and recipient basis.

  • Insert interactive banners to promote specific products and services based on recipient profiles.

  • Utilize alerts when sales banners are clicked on to prioritize follow-up on leads.

  • Use campaign analysis, feedback and results to position future e-mail marketing campaigns.

  • Gain insight into outgoing e-mail flow.

  • Create a cohesive look and feel for all outgoing messages, by standardizing signatures and disclaimers, to ensure consistency with the company brand.

  • Encourage participation in events, competitions and promotions.

  • Deliver product and service updates and company news.

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