Technology alone isn’t enough to safeguard your business

Even with top-of-the-range endpoint protection, cyber criminals will find intelligent ways of getting through the cracks. When they do, they’ll use sophisticated social engineering techniques to manipulate your employees into giving away sensitive information.

With our free deep/dark web scan we can identify which of your company email addresses have already been harvested by hackers and advise you on a way forward.

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Phishing and social engineering are still the no.1 weapon of choice

Exploiting and manipulating users through phishing attacks (email that falsely impersonates a real company/individual)  is still the no.1 attack vector for cyber criminals.

Exposed data on the deep web is the go-to ammunition

With billions of sensitive data records exposed on the deep web – incl. active usernames, passwords and privately identifiable information – cyber criminals can gather all of the necessary resources needed to pull off a successful attack.

Your employees aren’t your weakest link – they’re your first line of defence against cyber crime.

A lack of regular security awareness training, up-to-date communications and virtually no way of tracking user behaviour is often the main cause of employees falling victim to attacks.

With an effective security awareness training solution, you can transform your users into a solid first line of defence for identifying, avoiding and reporting sophisticated attacks.

Empower your employees to combat cyber threats and drive secure online behaviour

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Your free ERA report identifies your employees’ current risk level to internal and external threats through calculating reality-based metrics, including;

  • Your employees’ current susceptibility to targeted phishing attacks
  • Which of your employees’ data is currently stolen / exposed on the dark web
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