What is MailVault?

Email communications have become the heartbeat of organizations today and are being used as the primary method to distribute information both within and external to the company. What this means, however, is that our email often becomes the repository of information, with the distributed information very seldom, if ever actually leaving the inbox.

So what happens if that inbox is no longer there?

In order to manage this risk, it is becoming more and more imperative that organizations implement some form of email retention strategy. The most common form of this strategy is archiving. Archiving in the traditional sense is expensive and difficult to implement and manage for most. This is where MailVault comes into its own by providing a 10-year, bottomless archive hosted on a First Tier ISP’s backbone. This archive provides our clients with the ability to ensure that mail can always be found from anywhere at any time, with the added benefit of business continuity should the normal inbox be completely unavailable for a period of time.

MailVault lives inside the e-Purifier cloud, outside the customer network and each and every e-mail that is sent or received by subscribing customers is securely archived within the platform for fast and easy retrieval by the customer when required. Messages are stored within the service with no prescribed expiry date, all that is needed is a valid subscription to the service and messages can be retrieved on-demand either by an administrator (e-Discovery) or directly by the user without any intervention from your service provider. MailVault is available to any e-Purifier customer at a small additional monthly charge per user.

The solution is fully managed and maintained by Securicom, which not only reduces your total cost of ownership, but also means the burden of monitoring and maintaining the solution is taken off your shoulders and you don’t have to retain the necessary resources in-house. Because the storage is managed off-site, your risks are also greatly reduced.

With MailVault you get.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity (even during email outages).
  • Multi-year bottomless archive.
  • Reduced corporate risk exposure.
  • Retrieve e-mails for possible future use as evidence in – for example – disciplinary hearings or legal matters.
  • A scalable cost-effective solution for small, medium and large enterprises that ensures compliance with legislation and assists with corporate governance initiatives.
  • Interactive Web interface.
  • Full-text content search capabilities.
  • Full security auditing capabilities.
  • Controlled and audited access to the archive.
  • E-mail business continuity and internal archiving at no additional cost.