Securicom is a Global Managed IT Security Services business that understands not only the international security threat landscape but also takes great care to ensure we attain intimate knowledge of the local regions wherein we operate. With 20 years experience in the industry and offices on two continents, we supply services into more than 15 countries and have the capability to secure any business, from start-up to multi-national.


We provide best in industry cloud-based Managed IT Security Services to address the increasing security threats that businesses find themselves contending with. Our partnerships with global technology providers combined with our experience in building and delivering locally hosted security services ensure that our partners and customers are able to enjoy peace of mind knowing that regardless of their size they are able to enjoy state of the art IT security.


We strive to become the Managed IT Security Services partner of choice globally through our commitment to excellence, service and sustainable partnerships with our partners and customers. At Securicom we believe in service first. In doing so we ensure that our team is not only highly specialized in the field of security but also motivated to excel in providing our customers with the best and most professional service available. We have embraced and deliver on the concept that:
• Business must be fair;
• Business with integrity;
• Honesty and
• Excellence through Service

Excellence through Service.