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Preserve your past, secure your future - Archive your mail today!


What is MailVault?

Email communications have become the heartbeat of organizations today and are being used as the primary method to distribute information both within and external to the company. What this means, however, is that our email often becomes the repository of information, with the distributed information very seldom, if ever actually leaving the inbox.

The Advantages of MailVault

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Compliance: Email archiving ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as industry-specific mandates for retention and privacy.

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Litigation Support: Archived emails can be easily searched, reviewed, and produced as evidence in legal proceedings, reducing the cost and time required for e-discovery.

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Data Protection: Archiving helps protect against data loss due to hardware failures, human error, and cyberattacks.

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Knowledge Management: Archived emails can be used for knowledge management, providing insights into business practices, customer interactions, and market trends.

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Productivity: Archiving allows employees to quickly search and retrieve old emails, improving productivity and collaboration across teams.

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Storage Optimization: Archiving frees up valuable storage space on email servers, reducing costs and improving system performance.


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Mail archiving ensures compliance, simplifies litigation support, protects against data loss, optimizes storage, and enables knowledge management for improved productivity and risk management.


Ensure compliance, reduce risk, and improve efficiency

Email archiving provides a range of benefits that help organizations manage risk, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity. It ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, simplifies litigation support, protects against data loss and cyberattacks, optimizes storage, and enables knowledge management. Overall, mail archiving helps organizations to protect their data, reduce costs, and improve collaboration and productivity.

With MailVault you get.

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity (even during email outages).

  • Multi-year bottomless archive.

  • Reduced corporate risk exposure.

  • Retrieve e-mails for possible future use as evidence in – for example – disciplinary hearings or legal matters.

  • A scalable cost-effective solution for small, medium and large enterprises that ensures compliance with legislation and assists with corporate governance initiatives.

  • Interactive Web interface.

  • Full-text content search capabilities.

  • Full security auditing capabilities.

  • Controlled and audited access to the archive.

  • E-mail business continuity and internal archiving at no additional cost.

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